College 101: Saving Money


Hi everyone! Hope you had a good weekend! Today I have for you guys the first of my College 101 series. This one I will talk about my tips for saving money in college or just in general! Now I am by no means an expert just sharing some of my own thoughts on this subject, hope you enjoy the post and look forward to more posts in this series!

Tip #1

Don’t eat out! This is such an important thing while living at school you usually are already paying for a meal plan at school so why would you go out? Yes I understand if everyone else is then you want to go as well but try to limit yourself to maybe once a week or even less, no sense in paying for a meal when you already are paying for one at school, even though the dining hall can get pretty boring!

Tip #2

Pretend you’re broke, even if you aren’t! I play this game in my head by telling myself I have x amount of money for the week or until my next paycheck.  Even if I do have money in my savings account I pretend the balance is $0 and whatever is in my checking or what I have in cash is what I have left until payday. This has helped me so much to really cut corners and save as much as possible!

Tip #3

Don’t go to the mall! Yes I know I cannot go to the mall and leave without buying at least one thing! Usually I don’t have a lot of time to be going the mall but if I do I try to go anywhere else but there to save myself from buying new outfits, makeup, etc.! Go workout or go for a hike, find something fun to do that doesn’t require a lot of cash!

Tip #4

Coupons! I know this can be a pain in the you know what but sometimes this tip can be super helpful! Even if it is just a coupon for a free coffee, any little bit helps! I look for coupons on my shampoo and conditioner or drugstore makeup products I want to try out. Even just google stores or products and certain coupons will pop right up!

Tip #5

Coffee! Yes one of our favorite things here on KBWK, I love it and I know most of you probably do as well. And what is better after a stressful class or first thing in the morning than an amazing coffee from Dunkin or Starbucks. But as we all know, it can get very expensive! And yes its only$2.50 per coffee but multiply that by 4 and then by 4 again and you have about $40 or so a month, just on coffee. I just think that’s a little ridiculous and in reality I drink coffee a lot more than 4 times a week and sometimes a lot more than $2.50 per cup. So what I have started to do is make coffee at home, buy a coffee pot for $20 at Walmart buy a good brand a coffee and you could make yourself delicious coffee at home for almost half the price if not more! That will definitely cut down you costs! Here are links to some of my favorite coffee brands below as well as my coffee pot!

McCafe Premium Roast


New England Coffee (they have delicious flavors!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.10.36 PM

My Coffee Pot:


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and found it helpful! Talk to you soon ☺

Xoxo Kate


Author: koffeebreakwithkate

I am a 20 year old college student from Western Mass! I am really taking my blog seriously now after a year on Google blogger I am officially moved over to Wordpress and couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to sharing with you all my love for coffee, tea, food, style, makeup and lifestyle! I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts!

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