Wahlburgers | Review

Happy Blogust #10! I am very happy with myself that so far I have been able to post everyday! Anyway, today if a little different than what I have been posting lately! I have been off of my usual cooking and food posts but I want to get back into talking about food because I love to eat good food and cook good food!


Today, I wanted to do a little review of Wahlburgers which is a burger joint in the Boston are owned by Mark Wahlberg and his family. My sister heard it was delicous so we took a little road trip to go!


The Food

I had “Our burger” which is 1/3 of a pound and comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, Wahl sauce and onions, but I had cartelized onions on it instead of regular onions. The burger came on a bun that had been buttered and grilled so it was nice and warm.

The bun was almost a sweet bread, it had a sweet taste to it but was nice and warm and very soft. I personally don’t love sweet things with my regular food, I would rather save that for desserts. But it was a delicious bun and definitely not overly sweet.

The toppings on the burger were great, the caramelized onions were great, the burger itself was good, the meat wasn’t the most flavorful but it was tender and cooked to perfection, which is something hard to come by with burgers.

I didn’t get any sides but my sister got macaroni salad which was very good and the french fries were AMAZING! I honestly think they were some of the best I have had in a long time!

The Atmosphere

So the restaurant itself has a regular side where it is sit down and a waitress/waiter comes to you. We did the side where you order and then you are paged when the food is ready, it was extremely busy in there the night we went so we waited a little bit but that isn’t the restaurants fault at all, the waitstaff was awesome and very nice and helpful with the menu.

One thing I have to say though is the music was AWESOME, I loved every song that came on it was a lot of 90s and early 2000s which is some of my favorites! Also the design around the restaurant is pretty awesome filled with all the movies Mark was in as well as the family’s story.

The Price

So I would say the price was moderate, around $8-$9 for a burger all the sides were around $3, drinks as well so none of the burgers come with fries or a side that has to be ordered separately, I had a fresh brewed ice tea that tasted like it was just made it was so delicious! I spent around $10 on my burger with all those toppings (which you can add more of for $1 each) and my iced tea. So not too expensive at all.

All in all it was a great restaurant with good food, friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Definitely suggest it, I wouldn’t drive 2 hours to go to it again but if you are in the area definitely try it out!

Here is the link to their website which has locations, photos and their menu:


Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Kate


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