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Hi guys! Happy Saturday hope you are having a great start to your weekend and can you believe we are half way through August already? It is crazy, but I am ready to go back to school! Well not the actual school work, ha! Anyway..before I get too if topic lets get into todays post. I will be sharing some photos from my recent vacation to Block Island in Rhode Island. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, the only place I can really relax, I LOVE IT! I hope you will all get to go some day! Enjoy 🙂



Old Harbor.




This is one of the famous hotels on the island, The National, it is very old and historic but the architecture is beautiful.

There are many older hotels on the island, the on that you can barely see to the right of the above picture is haunted!


Thought this was kind of cool outside one of the shops!


Old harbor.







Beautiful dinner atmosphere.


Pasta with scallops and cream sauce, an amazing meal!


Old Harbor.



Mohegan Bluffs, big tourist attraction on the island but to get to the beach you basically have to rock climb down, after going down 142 stairs, I stuck with the stairs only!


The south light, one of two lighthouses on the island.


Aldos has amazing pastries as seen below as well as delicious pizza, they even drive on a boat around he harbor to deliver pastries and breads to boaters that are anchored!


I had a huge chocolate chip cookie, it was AMAZING!

IMG_0510                    IMG_0511

The bakery on the island has delicious sweets as seen in the picture above and they keep there ice coffee in these cute containers! How adorable, I had caramel toffee, mmmmm! One of the best coffees I have ever had!



The water is so clear not a spec of seaweed at all and the beaches are all sandy with very few rocks!


We had a beautiful trip, ended with a sunset on the ferry ride back to the mainland!


Hope you enjoyed my pictures, such a special vacation!


xoxo Kate


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