Monday Motivation

Happy Sunday! Really enjoying the last day of this weekend, so I figured I would get ahead and plan my ‘Monday Motivation’ for this week! Hope you enjoyed the post from last week! This week I want to focus on school and really staying ahead on my work before I go on Spring Break from school!


The first thing I want to do is work on healthy eating once again. One thing I started last week was drinking tea a few times a day. I have tried to give up on some of the coffee I drink because I felt like I was drinking way too much. So I started drinking tea and sometime I event just do hot lemon water or hot water with cinnamon and honey. I want to do a post on some of my favorite healthy drinks for the cold weather!


Another thing I want to do this week is not wear makeup 2 or 3 of the days to class. I am working on a skincare routine to clear my skin once and for all! I have been religiously washing my skin and exfoliating a few times a week as well as using my acne medicine. Yet other than my flare ups my biggest problem is my acne scars but I find not wearing makeup helps with the PH balance and color of my skin.


Demi Lovato does a #nomakeupmonday challenge on her Instagram and I absolutely love the idea!

Another plan I have is doing at least two blog posts during the week I would like to do a fashion post or maybe a makeup look, I have been a little stumped for ideas on posts lately so if you have any please let me know!


I also want to spend more time in the library purely reading for class. One of the biggest tips I have for college students is to READ! Trust me, I hate reading and it is probably the most difficult thing about school for me, but it truly does help with knowing the material ahead of time and it can only help later on when it comes to exam time!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post and look forward to next Sunday/Monday!

xoxo Kate


Author: koffeebreakwithkate

I am a 20 year old college student from Western Mass! I am really taking my blog seriously now after a year on Google blogger I am officially moved over to Wordpress and couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to sharing with you all my love for coffee, tea, food, style, makeup and lifestyle! I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts!

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