Travel Blog: Toronto

Last weekend was Memorial Day which meant a three day weekend which is my favorite kind of weekends! So I went to Toronto with my family for the weekend as well as we stopped at Niagra Falls on the way, it was a beautiful and amazing weekend. Toronto is a beautiful city and I wanted to share it through words and photos to all of you!


Niagra Falls is a must see! We were not even planning on stopping until we realized it was on the way, and everyone I talked to said we “had to stop”. So why not?

Let me just say, thank god we did!





Maid of the Mist




These gardens at Niagra Falls were gorgeous to say the least.


Waterfront in Toronto




While we were in Toronto we went on a boat tour, the tour guide told us that the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was shot in Toronto. Now I knew a lot of movies were shot here but not that one. If any of you don’t know (not sure if I have said it before) that is my absolute favorite movie! So why not take a picture on the bride where Ian and Tula had their first kiss! (I hope someone got the reference!LOL)



Nathan Phillips Square


From our hotel room we overlooked Nathan Phillips Square which was beautiful with this fountain and this Toronto sign. It was so beautiful at night!



Eaton Center


This picture from above is from the Eaton Center. This is basically a mall that is mostly build underground.

One of the interesting things about Toronto that we noticed and that we were told is that the city is moving a lot underground. The “Path” is basically an underground walkway around the city with shops and restaurants, which is so cool I think. And that connected to the Eaton Center.

Rogers Stadium



Shopping Outfit

Shorts: Primark

Shoes: Nike Free Runs

Tank: The Loft

Bag: Boutique

Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

Phone Case: Amazon

Coffee Tim Hortons (this is basically the DD of Canada, if you are from New England you will understand)

I would 100% everyone to visit Toronto at some point! Niagra Falls is gorgeous and the city of Toronto is beautiful as well! The city sits on Lake Ontario which is huge and beautiful. The city itself is clean and lively. Lots to do and a fun weekend trip!


xoxo Kate


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