Growing Your Hair: My Tips

Back in December I got a haircut that was, well, not my favorite. It was extremely shorter than I originally wanted and was a total shock to me! Since then I have been working to grow my hair out and keep it healthy. I did lots of research online and tried some of my own ideas. Eventually I found a system that works pretty well for my hair.

I wanted to share some of these tips that I use! For some info on my hair, I do have straight, thin hair My hair also tends to get greasy pretty quickly. Because my hair does get greasy quickly this first time is my dad the hardest for me.

DON’T Wash your hair everyday.

This was so difficult for me, as someone who used to wash their hair once or twice a day, this seemed impossible. But I decided to train my hair, I sucked up for a few weeks that I would have some not so great hair days. I would put it up in a bun, use dry shampoo and sometimes just wear a hat. Eventually my hair got the hang of it.

And let me say, dry shampoo became my new bestfriend – my favorite is from Dove.

Let that hair flow.

This tip is also difficult and I have not been as strict as I was in the past few months, considering it is HOT now. But all Spring I tried to be very conscious of keeping my hair down, this is because hair ties can damage your hair and therefore stop the growth. Try to use clips and maybe braid your hair to get it out of your face.

Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins.

These have been a lifesaver for me. I get mine from Target for $10 and you get a huge bottle. Plus they are gummies so totally delicious! These I find help so much with strengthening my hair and I noticed that when I wasn’t taking them for about 2 months my hair growth had really stopped. Check out the ones I use from Target.


Water really is something that helps with almost every beauty issue, but it really does help your hair. Hydrating and feeding your body the right nutrients has so many benefits, and I notice that when drinking lots and lots of water I notice faster growth.


Any damage to your hair whether it is heat or color will stunt its growth and slow down the process. I am not one to dye my hair often, but here and there I do change it up. When I got it cut I did color it to make myself feel a little better (it was a sad time LOL). But anyone who has dyed their hair knows the damage it can cause, so if you are trying to grow maybe stick to your natural color for a few months.

These are all of my tips, but I just want to say that remember hair growth is slow for most people and not over night (although we wish it could be!). And try to enjoy your hair at whatever stage it is because you may never have it that short or that style again! Until next time…




Author: koffeebreakwithkate

I am a 20 year old college student from Western Mass! I am really taking my blog seriously now after a year on Google blogger I am officially moved over to Wordpress and couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to sharing with you all my love for coffee, tea, food, style, makeup and lifestyle! I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts!

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